Chocolate Wedding Favors

We want to make your chocolate dreams come true...

Chocolate Dreams and Wishes is all about making your event special, by making your chocolate dreams come true. What could be more special than having chocolate favors customized to fit your extraordinary day? Our personalized favors are delicious, irresistible treats that are too special to be forgotten in a drawer, like other commonplace party favors.

When planning a party or wedding, you want to give a party favor that tells your guests thank you; with our Personalized Edible Favors, you can accomplish this task with words and pictures, that are 100% edible. Think about it, how many weddings or parties have you been to, that offered Chocolate Menus, Chocolate Place Cards, chocolate covered Oreos or chocolate lollipops with edible images? Not too many, would be my guess. Our customers are always telling us, how impressed their guests were with their personalized favors, that the favors were unique, fun and affordable.

Our customized chocolate favors can be made for any event or theme. They are made with 100% edible, FDA approved ingredients and are printed at the highest resolution possible. We can make your party favors; black and white or in full color, at no extra charge. Our designer will work with your ideas and send you proofs, via email, until we get the design and wording perfect.

Our chocolate favors are perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, company logos, etc. If you can print it on paper, we can print it on chocolate, the possibilities are endless.

Chocolate Dreams and Wishes, LLC is a family-owned, Pittsburgh-based chocolatier, specializing in personalized chocolate favors. For inquiries, call 724-209-1159 or visit the site at for more info. for a truly unique favor

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